Why Cats Make Great Pets

Dogs vs Cats seems to be the eternal argument. Both sides have their ardent defenders, but today we have come to celebrate the joys of having a feline in your life. Cats can be more challenging and less predictable than dogs, but for some, that is part of their appeal. Here are some reasons why you should consider adding a cat to your life:


We all like our pets to depend on us to a certain extent, but dogs require a considerable commitment that can be quite challenging, especially if you work outside of your home. Cats are much less work: no walks (unless you have one of those few cats that are into this), no bathing needed, and you can easily leave a cat alone for two or three days without worry. Just put out adequate food and water and you’re good!


Dogs are known for being playful, but cats can be wonderful in this area, too. Just try dangling a string over your kitty sometime. Cats can be hours of entertainment; they may not play fetch, but felines still find ways to become and stay engaged. Felines don’t require the same degree of engagement as dogs, but you should still spend regular time with them.

Purr and Cuddle

If you have an affectionate cat, they can be a great deal of fun to be around. Warm and fluffy, they also emit that wonderful purring noise that can be quite relaxing and delightful.

You Can Train Them

Cats have a reputation for being untrainable, but that’s not true. It is easy to get them to use a litter box (just try doing that with a dog), and you can also train them to not scratch your furniture or do other destructive things. However, this does require some patience.


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