What is Coming for TVs? OLED and QLED are Leading the Way to a Brighter (and Sharper) Future

CES is always an exciting event for technology fans and this year’s show had plenty of fantastic gadgets to look at.

When it comes to televisions, the clear winner this year was the LG Signature OLED W7. If you are amazed by how thin and light TVs have gotten in the recent past, well, the OLED W7 4K set represents yet another step forward. The “W” stands for wallpaper; this TV can go right on to your wall and does not protrude out very far at all: just 1/10th of an inch! This is possible because the new OLED format does not require backlighting. Add in Dolby Atmos sound and improved color, courtesy of design input from Technicolor, and you have got one astounding television. Forget wallpaper: put on something like the BBC’s PLANET EARTH and it’s like looking through a window.

LG is pushing its OLED format, while rival Samsung has its own alternative called QLED. Both formats produce magnificent images, but QLED is more cost-effective to produce, so those sets will likely be more in the average consumer’s price range (learn about the QLED and how it differs from OLED here).

What is your take on these new advancements? Have you made the jump to 4K yet? While there are a good number of early adopters out there who will happily pounce on new tech, the average person waits until they need a new TV or the prices become more competitive. As a lover of 3D, I happily bought one of those sets early on and am sad to see that the format has declined (if you think 3D looks great in 1080p, it would be positively astonishing in 4K).

The prices of 1080p sets have declined sharply and will continue to do so in the wake of 4K. Whatever the case, even that small, low cost TV you want to add to your kitchen next year will likely look far better than anything enthusiasts could enjoy even a decade ago.


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