Tired of Being Shy? Try These Tips!

Would you describe yourself as being a shy person? There are many introverts in the world and some find it challenging to be comfortable around certain individuals or groups. There is nothing necessarily wrong with that, though it can make life a bit more complicated and difficult.

Are you tired of being shy? Would you like to be a bit more outgoing and talkative with strangers? If so, try out the following suggestions:

Look people in the eye

In some cultures, eye contact is considered rude. However, in the West, it is a show of respect. Certain shy people have trouble maintaining eye contact with others, but it is a necessary skill when it comes to feeling comfortable in social and work situations.

Try maintaining eye contact with people you are already comfortable with. Watch the rhythms; staring at someone nonstop can be creepy and inappropriate. You will learn through doing to know when eye contact is appropriate and when it is fine to occasionally look away.

Test and experiment

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable in groups, think of occasions where you can dip your toe into the water. These should be low stakes; in other words, if you feel uncomfortable, getting up and leaving does not matter. Try these a few times and you will gradually become more and more comfortable spending time with groups of people.

See a therapist

Being shy is not a psychiatric condition, though extreme versions of it (eg. being so intimidated that you do not ever leave your home) do exist. If you feel that your shyness is an extreme case, it is a good idea to talk about it with a therapist. They will have a number of ideas on how you can start to feel more comfortable and overcome this challenge once and for all.

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