Technology for Seniors

Many people consider technology to be something that seniors have trouble grasping. While the elderly do have lower technology adoption rates than other groups, that number is on the rise. While you may not be as likely to see your grandmother checking out Facebook on her smartphone, there is still technology out there that is actually quite valuable for seniors to adopt.

Hearing Aids

These have been around for decades, but technological improvements have made them smaller and more accurate, with longer lasting batteries.

Tablets and iPads

“Use it or lose it” is an old saying that applies to a lot of things, including your mind. Seniors who do not make regular use of their cognitive functions are at greater risk of problems in this area. Even just a few games or puzzles on a tablet or iPad provides a convenient way for the elderly to easily exercise their mental muscles.


Seniors often feel isolated. While the telephone helped to alleviate that, long distance rates can be quite high. Online services like Skype help to keep people in touch, plus the video component allows everyone to see one another, increasing the value of a call.


We can tend to lose our way as we age, a problem that becomes more pronounced in cases of  Alzheimer’s disease. If your elderly loved one is getting lost, a GPS can be a great way to keep them on track.

Wireless Internet

This is pretty much a must for anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or iPad. Having a wireless set-up in the home helps to keep users from going over their data rates and incurring costly penalties.

Health Tracking Software

If a senior has trouble forgetting when to take their medications, you can install programs on their computer or laptop that provides reminders.

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