Shake Off That Christmas Gloom

It may seem odd to be sad at Christmas, arguably the most joyous time of the year for many. However, it can and does happen for a lot of people. If you’re reading this post, I’ll assume that you fall into this category and are hoping for a positive change in the 2017 season. I can’t guarantee you will go through the entire holiday without any despair at all, but the following tips helped me feel more grounded and they can work for you, too.

Unrealistic Expectations

Many of us are taught from childhood that Christmas celebrations are guaranteed to be the happiest time of the year. If something goes wrong, it simply must be your fault.

Life is not the same as you see in movies, and neither is Christmas. Things will go wrong, people will fight, food will turn out badly, people will give and receive awful gifts, etc. Christmas is basically everyday life with an extra glossy coat of paint and more types of unhealthy food to choose from.

Comparing is a Loser’s Game

How often do you compare your life with that of other people? How often do you feel better following those comparisons? We’ll bet the answer is not very often.

Everyone is on a different journey and at a different stage of their life, so comparisons make no sense. Some people make a point of announcing just how happy and blessed they feel this time of year…probably because they just think they should. It doesn’t mean much in the end, so don’t feel bad when your Christmas doesn’t measure up.

Keep Up Healthy Habits

Sure, it’s fine to eat and drink a bit too much this time of year. However, try to continue eating properly the rest of the time, and keep getting that daily 20-30 minutes of exercise.

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