Case Studies

Credit Suisse

This is a film we made with Credit Suisse that highlights six entrepreneurs’ thoughts on leadership and what it takes to make a company excel.


Dr. Elizabeth Chabner Thompson and her company BFFL Co create personalized hospital bags full of practical items a patient may forget to pack for post-surgery recovery. Dr. Thompson asked us to create a series of videos to strengthen their brand and marketing strategy. All seven of the videos we made were shot on location at a New York hospital and at Dr. Thompson’s home to produce both a clinical and a personal feel – an accurate reflection of BFFL Co itself.

Nailene’s SensatioNail Gel Polish French Manicure Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to get the classic French Manicure look at home and is part of a video series we created for Nailene’s SensatioNail.

Procter & Gamble Halloween Style Tutorial

Procter and Gamble hired Raw Media to create a style tutorial video for some popular Halloween costumes. Tune in to see hair and makeup artist Emily Kate Warren demonstrate the simple steps to creating a great Halloween look.

Olay’s Pro X Clear- Q & A

DeVries hired Raw Digital to produce and edit a question and answer promotional video for ProX Clear, Olay’s acne treatment line targeted towards adults. In this video, dermatologist Dr. Diane Benson addresses questions about the cause, treatment, and prevention of adult acne breakouts. Berson identifies the three products of the ProX Clear line, explaining the purpose of each and emphasizing the benefits of salicylic acid, a key ingredient to look for when purchasing acne treatment products. “Olay ProX Clear is a skin care line which will target the acne, but at the same time will address the anti-aging needs of most adult patients,” says Berson.

Olay’s Pro X Clear- Sizzle Reel

Raw Digital partnered with DeVries to create a promotional video for Olay’s acne treatment line, ProX Clear. Dermatologist Dr. Diane Berson presented the line to individuals for use after participating in a yoga event. Dr. Berson talked about the existence, treatment, and prevention of adult acne, which often occurs as a result of perspiration, by using ProX Clear. “What’s nice about this product line is that it still contains all of the ingredients that are in the Olay Pro X, but it also has the ingredients to combat the acne,” said Berson.

The Brooklyn Academy of Music’s Next Wave Festival (2011)

Raw Media was fortunate to partner up with the Brooklyn Academy of Music again to create a series of twelve videos, covering the 29th annual Next Wave Festival. The festival features a wide variety of performances, ranging from various dance works to political theater to performances of mixed mediums. Joe Melillo, Executive Producer of the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM), explains that the festival is about delivering to audiences what is going on in the world of art and culture today.

Nailene’s SensatioNail

Nailene commissioned Raw Media to create a series of videos to promote their new at-home gel manicure system, SensatioNail. Take a look at a few of the videos we created.

Coombe Castle Cheese War

Raw Digital & Coombe Castle crafted this epic and slightly historically inaccurate retelling of the battle of Agincourt in order to illustrate the triumph of English cheeses over French ones.

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Hospital is a nationally recognized psychiatric hospital, based in New Canaan, CT. Silver Hill commissioned Raw Media to create a film for their Annual Gala held in November 2010 at Cipriani 42nd Street in Manhattan. The film was instrumental in the event raising over $1.3 million to directly benefit a scholarship fund for adolescents and young adults needing financial assistance for admission to the residential treatment program at Silver Hill.

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