Case Studies

Coombe Castle Cheese War

Raw Digital & Coombe Castle crafted this epic and slightly historically inaccurate retelling of the battle of Agincourt in order to illustrate the triumph of English cheeses over French ones.

Silver Hill Hospital

Silver Hill Hospital is a nationally recognized psychiatric hospital, based in New Canaan, CT. Silver Hill commissioned Raw Media to create a film for their Annual Gala held in November 2010 at Cipriani 42nd Street in Manhattan. The film was instrumental in the event raising over $1.3 million to directly benefit a scholarship fund for adolescents and young adults needing financial assistance for admission to the residential treatment program at Silver Hill.

Syneron’s “The Gretchen Project”

Syneron commissioned Raw Digital to create a graphical introduction for its online web series “The Gretchen Project”. The star of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Orange County”, Gretchen Christine Rossi travels the world to discover new innovations and breakthroughs in the modern beauty industry.

Partnership for a Drug Free America’s “Wrecked”

A modern approach to educating teens.

If you don’t Check Yourself, you are going to get Wrecked was the concept behind an upgrade on the traditionally staid Educational video. Wrecked is a video program for teenagers to warn them about the risks of drug use which utilizes footage from A&E’s Intervention. The short film strives to show kids how easily this can happen to them by juxtaposing stories that kids can relate to with the long term consequences that can happen to them and their friends.

Albert M. Greenfield Foundation’s “Mr. Philadelphia”

‘Mr. Philadelphia’ is a film for PBS which tells the life story of Albert M. Greenfield, a civic planner in Philadelphia during the first half of the Twentieth Century, who radically transformed the face of the city against sometimes daunting challenges.

Amnesty International “Women of Liberia”

Amnesty International commissioned Raw Media Network to help with the post-production of their documentary titled Women of Liberia: Fighting For Peace. The film follows the struggles of women in Liberian society and examines issues such as poverty, and gender inequality as they try to find their place in a society in the aftermath of a long and costly civil war.

The Ratner Family “On the Back of Giants”

“The Ratner Family comissioned Raw Digital to create a film on the history and life of Harry Ratner. The film features several people who speak about various aspects of Harry’s life.”


The Hebrew word ‘Shalvata’ translates to “Peace of Mind,’ a hope offered to the members of the London Based Holocaust Survivors’ Center. This film by Raw Digital intricately weaves the histories of several survivors against their present day situation and how Shalvata has impacted their life.

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