Current Opportunities

One Minute Tricks

Downloadable content that takes one minute to master.

One Minute Tricks is short-form, “how-to” content specifically programmed to be used on the go, offering the client a choice of magic tricks to download directly to their cellular phone, iPod or PDA. One Minute Tricks website is a video library for magic tricks where audiences can learn how to do ...

How To I Do

Ideas, advice and more from the experts of the Wedding Industry.

Whether a small casual affair or a large scale wedding, an artful way exists to tie the knot. In this program, the key players in the wedding industry reveal some of the best kept secrets of the trade. From how to choose a wedding dress to selecting the most delectable ...

The Hairapist

Bringing hair and therapy together to entertain and inspire audiences to transform their lives.

“The Hairpist” brings hair and therapy together in an hour long reality series which will entertain and inspire audiences to transform their lives.For most women (and some men) a good hairdresser is their most important ally. Part beauty consultant, part confidante, part therapist, any one who has had a good ...

Excuse Me

Helping the world, one excuse at a time.

Everyone has been on a bad date that you are praying will end soon. Some people go so far as to have their friends text or call with an “emergency.” Great excuse right? Not so much, it’s the oldest trick in the book. In EXCUSE ME, GOD BLESS, a mobile download, ...
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