Tying the Knot

In love, but you have cold feet? This is the show for you.

Program Overview:

Why the hold up with the wedding plans? While planning a wedding is stressful, many steer clear of the “marriage conversation” to avoid tying the knot. Abandonment issues, fear of commitment, inability to provide for the family– these are some of the reasons people list to avoid moving the relationship from the committed to the permanent. For each person, there are usually some unresolved issues to take care of before they can succeed with a healthy marriage. This is the basis for Tying the Knot.

Starring a wedding expert, such as Marcy Blum, and a couples therapist, such as Bruce Wood, our team will work with couples in trouble and help get them down the aisle, or heading their separate ways. The series will combine two elements of walking  down the aisle – a healthy relationship and making it through the planning. As Marcy has referred to the planning of a wedding as “dress rehearsal for the rest of your life together”, this show will test couple’s strengths as they have to make these decisions in addition to giving them the tools to make their relationship strong. Throughout the season, we will follow a new couple each week as they work through their issues in the midst of planning a wedding. They will make the journey to strengthen their relationship, learn about their fears, and inevitably discover if they can make it. Our couples will range from those who have been engaged for years, or a couple where ambivalence and conflict abound, but the common thread will be that  all have admitted they are in trouble. This interesting look into a couple’s dynamic will be complemented with the commentary and perspectives of the two hosts.

The setting:

The show will be set in a variety of places following the couples in their real lives (work, home, favorite places, etc.). Interviews with family and friends who know the couple well will be integrated as well as B-roll of the couple relaxing, or fighting, or having fun.

The real work will take place in our offices where Bruce and Marcy will review the footage and make their assessments. Bruce will have a therapist’s office as a retreat to conduct his meetings with the couples and work on the couple’s relationship issues and Marcy will have a salon full of wedding elements to help take them through the process. However, both will send our couple’s out into the world on their own but will observe closely from afar. Each episode will be focused on taking the steps towards the altar, but some of the couples won’t make it to the end. As they assess their evaluations and try to work through their problems, some will stop trying. As the audience gets to know each couple and sees their willingness, or lack thereof to make it work, they will begin to make their own decisions about whether the couple in trouble stands a chance.

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